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Mikey, Mikey, Mikey

got to you? Why not cloud the issues?

Take each facet of the proposal; and do the math. This horn of plenty full of money for the city just is not there.

And clearly, it must be hard for you to face the light of reality.

The proposal clearly specifies the city gets no ticket revenue until ticket # 300,001 has been sold.

It's in print; it's right there. How can you deny it?

My background is in the world of business. In the private sector, one does not have public revenue to draw on.

I did not call the plan Pollyanna. I stated very clearly you wee either Pollyanna or on someone's payroll. Maybe some reading comprehension classes would help.

Me, I say build it in the poorest section of Wilmington where it will have an immediate impact in promoting improvement in the surrounding neighborhood. Look to Durahm, Greensboro, or Winston-Salem and where they located stadiums. That overpriced water front parcel of land will prove to be an albatross.


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