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Wilmington citizens have a responsibility/opportunity to look at the costs to build this stadium and determine if it makes sense for their community. Make no mistake, there will be a substantial cost to the taxpayer while the big guys make money. You will be asked to believe that the tourist exposure will be to your benefit. Will it be enough to offset the price you're paying to not only build but maintain it?

As a Morehead City resident, we did not get the opportunity to have any input into the building of a similar but smaller facility here. Our city manager & mayor (both baseball fans) worked behind the scenes out of the public eye with the team owner and his company to get it through without so much as a wimper from our residents. The town council wasn't even aware of the extent of the plan since the manager rolled it out little by little. We found out about the scale of the expensive mess only after the fact. By then it was too late for us to demand transparency and it CONTINUES TO GROW IN COST for both construction and to maintain it. Meanwhile, RSE makes money and taxpayers get the bill. Conveniently, our city manager resigned from his position and took a job out of state, but mark my words, he'll come back to a cushy job with the baseball team before long. It's a disgrace.

At least in Wilmington you have the opportunity to get the facts and figures and have a voice in the matter. We just got it shoved down our throats here in Morehead City. We just haven't gotten the full bill yet. Hope you're able to get a fair deal with officials looking out for you. If it's such a good deal, the private sector should be taking the risks and enjoying the profits. Leave the taxpayer alone for a change.

Best of luck to you - hope it doesn't cost a fortune and raise your taxes even higher.


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