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IMAX or not

I totally agree with Christopher's comments about Wilmington being sub standard when it comes to new technology. First, the Mayfaire IMAX will be identical to the Citadel Mall Stadium 16 Cinemas with IMAX in Charleston, SC. It will feature great sound and picture, but on a much smaller screen than traditional IMAX. While a little larger than the basic auditorium screens, do not expect that much more here. Regal Cinemas are simply incorporating the technology into an existing auditorium with a few modifications. At least they are trying since Carmike Cinemas backed out of building the Monkey Junction theaters which would have showcased competing technology (Big D Digital).
As for other technology, just look at local radio and TV. Radio stations in Raleigh and Charleston all broadcast in HD. They have been offering digital transmission of signals with additional channels of offerings you do not get on commercial radio here for years. When you ask local broadcasters here why they do not broadcast in HD, they respond nobody will listen. Do they think we are stupid, yes and the stations here are tax write offs to the parent companies. As for TV, stations outside of Wilmington are broadcasting two and three secondary channels and offering great networks like MeTV, Antenna TV, Country TV, etc. over the air. What do our local channels offer, just one additional service or none at all like WILM TV which is owned by the giant Capital Broadcasting which owns WRAL in Raleigh. That station has 5.1, 5.2, and 5.3 secondary channels. For a region that bragged so much about being first in digital, we are sub-standard like you said in technology.


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