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Let me enlighten you.

CFPUA is not merging with anybody. Slick Rick Catlin, both a County Commission and CFPUA Board Member came up with this idea because CFPUA only has a narrow mission -- fix infrastructure and treat drinking water and wastewater.

CFPUA ratepayers only pay for that and nothing more. Seems the developers and now, the COW and NHC recognize they may have shot themselves in the foot. They can't use CFPUA as the cash cow they thought they could when they created it. CFPUA does not have the money to run water and sewer lines to swamp land for developers. See? And, it would be seriously unfair to ask their customers to pay for that.

So, slick Rick (who also runs an engineering firm in town) would get business from those developers, has come up with a scheme to have the county "loan" CFPUA money for that purpose. When the developers tie in to the system, they'll pay CFPUA, who in turn, will pay the county back.

Now do you see the problem with City and County Government sitting on the CFPUA board? Meet the new boss...same as the old boss. (Psst..he is running for state legislature this fall, too!)

As far as their pay...seems like they have done a good job with bubble gum and bailing wire, despite Slick Rick continuint to denegrate them and their worth on TV at the board meetings.


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