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Reposting - These Things Make Ya Wonder Whats Goin On?

Since posting this, unrelated, I find myself talking more with neighbors, family, and friends - mostly stadium stuff and tryin to guess if my property taxes will go up or down, its meant to confuse or Lord meant for me to have a low IQ.

Brian Berger was the voice of the people, he spoke up whenever the county or CFPUA doled out hundreds of thousands to "consultants" (other than "spend more on marketing" and "print shiny brochures" for the landfill, the consultants with no possible reasonable counter-argument waste of our taxes or the people who should be listening are too busy texting ways to make money for themselves)

It probably wasnt easy for Berger to be outnumber 10-1 or 5-1 or whatever, putting principles first...meanwhile, the architects of this whole CFPUA mess Jim Quinn, Jason Thompson, lobbyists for the biggest builders, sit on their high chairs and show their arrogance and disdain for the families they are hurting.

Berger was not impressed with Catlin wasting time and money to get rid of this threat I guess, nor am I, how much money on lawyers did Quinn, Thompson and the others who have been at odds ever since Brian Berger attended these "public hearings" and was insulted for making predictions that have been nearly perfect like Nostradamus. (Others are deserving of praise too for standing up to Quinn and his lackey Thompson).

If the DA Ben David wasn't "in" the corruption club, there wouldve been investigations and many people including this author might be surprised to find two-faces Catlin profiting himself while pretending to be a fiscally responsible steward of taxpayers money. Only in North Carolina can these things happen, with nobody in any position of authority raising an eyebrow. David and maybe he has orders from the Attorny General, attacks whistleblowers and destroys them before heading to black-tie galas with Mayors, the developers and officials "using" the Utility Authoroty (Quinn, Catlin, Riverbark, Cindy Wolf...).

Rivenbark- maybe thats why fewer citizens attend each year. Every year in the past they've gone, only to be lied to by an organization more mafia than government service, by nature and actions.

Was it legal to kick Berger off with no hearing, no legal justification, no pamper fights in the parking lot, just he had different without a word to the public I still cant figure out how they could do it and so privately. There are other good dedicated citizens who should serve on the CFPUA but would never get a vote from either Council.

Mr. Jenkins? Mr. Quinn? Mr Davis. Rivenbark? Instead of hiding behind a petite PR spinster (who works for the others), explain. Honesty will bring the crowds Charlie.


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