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Racist and Prejudice


You are right. I am racist and I am prejudice. I have absoultely no business in Creekwood as much as the common folk of Creekwood have at my house. That is just common sense. So if that makes me racist and prejudice, fine by me. I will stay on my side of the tracks and mind my business. But people like you, who are meddlesome and clearly not busy enough, won't let people be or mind their own business. Always got to make mountains out of mole hills.

Why wouldn't segregation work? Keeps things uniformal, eliminates confusion and there is no individuality.

And for the record, there is not one person in the United States of America who was alive when we were settling the colonies or when slavery was a factor. I do, however, take issue with someone getting away with domestic terrorism, no matter what their ideas or cause may or may not of been. If they are so righteous, why the rioting and destroying of property? That is just brilliant leadership and thinking in my opinion. And now, they want repirations for being common day terrorist or thugs?

Screw that.


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