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Thank you State Elected Leaders

The State Legislature should be commended (so far) for taking the bold steps to reign-in money grubbing local governments like that of Wilmington. The notion that the quality of life, and the quality of the city will suffer without the added tax revenues supplied by the MJ residents is misguided and misleading. Those who would continue to espouse the "virtues" of forced-annexation are the same people who are the local elected officials in Wilmington and elsewhere who claim to know what's best for their community and all the while making money off of their own ventures; the lawyers, realtors, and developers. Poor policies and the inability to curb spending lead to poor-planning, and even worse execution in public-management. Examples are the convention center (which is still in the red) and the future King Saffo Baseball Stadium. To the taxpayers living inside the city who feel slighted by the actions of state government and have railed against those seeking to remain FREE of government-occupation....sorry. This isn't gloating; it's vindication for years of political and economic abuse at the hands of those who constantly tout their desire for a better city which makes them look good while doing so at the behest of people who elected them. Please also don't say that this will generate further fees for county residents. The New Hanover County Parks Department has wonderful facilities; why would I want to go to a city park? As for the notion that county residents drive on city streets; yes we do. Do I fund your street projects? Yes we do via sales and gas taxes. Maybe those in the city who are dead-set against remaining free would like for LOCAL, NON-city residents to stop shopping inside the city and go elsewhere....or why doesn't the city just go ahead and kill the economy more and charge fees to the visitors and tourists? There's your new and improved revenue stream. The notion that the Legislature is doing this as a punitive measure is wrong; this action is correct and legal. What is a shame? The city wasting hundreds of thousands of tax dollars on a losing proposition....THANKS WILMINGTON.....AND MR. MAYOR. We took care of it before and we'll do it again. BTW...I'll help you take your city-limit signs down....VIVA New Hanover County....Take a Hike Saffo and Cronies!


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