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I know the 800lb gorilla is and has been MJ

But the forced annexation issue is a problem that strikes across the state and has for year. So quickly we forget the fast moves and sneaky underhanded tactics attempted by Southport to annex areas of Brunswick near the town. If the people wanted to live in town limits that would have been their own choice. This has ramifications statewide to put a clamp finally on these power hungry (aka Tax and money hungry) towns and cities gobbling up space to get more revenue.. It has very little if anything to do with allowing or bringing public access to utilities such as water and sewer. Some are worse then others. When I lived out inthe Mtns my ex and I lived in what was known as the ETJ (Extra Territorial Jurisdiction) of the town of Boone NC (home of App State) what did we get for this honor.. Access to town water and sewer.. generally double taxatation. We couldnt vote in town elections so we were left with having to wait for an impotent wonder of the county board and the constant issues of the non-resident students who technically lived in the town being allowed to influence local politics to the point as the obscure election laws were allowing students who legally werent residents to vote in local and state elections.

To summarize these towns and what not need to learn to live within their means and stop looking at the pacman mentality to bail them out for tax dollars.. We the people have to live within our means baring an emergency (and most dont have a crisis or emergent funding which ends up leading to suddenly maxed out credit card. We the people who these clowns on these city councils work for US not the other way around and I think too many people have forgotten. They answer to us and its time we start holding them accountable for their actions or lack there of PERIOD. To me doesnt matter what letter is next tot their name, If they refuse to be accountable to their bosses (we the people) then we need to start firing this yokel


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