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Ok, since you ask for it...I'll correct you...'re STILL wrong. My reading and writing skills are fine. You attacked a poster that had a relativley accurate statement about the "Real" unemployment numbers by stating, "That is the right-wing, Ted Nugent loving, homophobic republican lie that they want people to believe."

I'm not sure what Ted Nugent, or "homophobic republican lies" has to do with the unemployment numbers, but here is reality for you. There are a lot more people out of work than is being reported by the goveernment. If you observe a few basic and simple economic tickers you wouldn't appear so angry and ignorant. The home foreclosure rate is still very high, food stamp issuance is at an all time high, new car sales are dwindling, used car sales are excelling. Luxury items such as large boats, RV's and motorcycles are selling for pennies on the dollar. Open job positions sometimes gather thousands of resumes for ONE position. Families have lost their homes, their sustainance and their secuity due to job loss and have no money. Now...there are just a few simple basics for you.

Oh, and one other thing. The people have spoken strongly with their vote on Ammendment One. You homos are still a small group of pissed-off nobodies. It just tickles the heck out of me that you can't procreate and make more of you! I said before, back to your crack pipe!


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