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Most accurate figure on unemployment

10.9% nationally. That includes people who have simply quit looking.

The formula used by DOL is specifically designed to mask the true number.

BTW, pay attention to weekly and monthly "adjustments." They are constantly rolling out and being used to mask declines in new job numbers from one week to the next. For example, the last report said that we had gained 1000 new jobs. This Thursday, that was adjusted down to an actual loss of 3000 jobs.

So last week the AP reports a gain of 1000 jobs, then this week they can report "jobs holding steady, matching last week," with no mention of the adjustment.

The whole process is as crooked as the road to Rome, designed to mask how bad things truly are. Watch your IRAs and 401ks, too. They've likely gone down severely in the past two weeks, and they're going lower.

England and Spain have now officially dipped into their double-dip recession. I don't think we're far behind....


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