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Interesting concept, but don't trust it in the water

Mot sure what this company's product has to do with Facebook, here's some facts about what they are selling:

These things work OK initially, but with a little use, they do leak. My iPhone almost became a victim of drowning. I'm not the only one. A google search of "drycase leaked" will show the long list of other happy customers, and the Amazon comments. Really smart guy - "sell ziplok bags for people to put their phones in". "make sure to evacuate the air, so if there's even the slightest leak, it will help the water come in" You've got 7 days to figure out it's not going to last long to return it. They say you have 1 year to exchange it, but the place I bought it from in Leland wanted nothing to do with replacing it 3 months after I bought it and the headphone jack leaked. Persistence paid off, though.

It's OK for the rain, but as far as trusting it for submersion, be really careful. Lots of others have been there. Also, get enough water on the face of an ipad, ipod touch, or iPhone while it's in the bag, and it thinks you are moving your finger all over the screen - water is conductive like your finger. Further info here:

Don't worry, though. On their website, they absolutely accept no responsibility if your stuff gets wet. They go so far as to generalize that " people could all return their old electronics to us" if they assumed responsibility for their product's poor design.

Not sure if they're making them in China yet, but give them time.

Unhappy customer with a bone to pick? You bet!


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