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Government has no business funding either

Be it baseball or arts, we are witnessing the effects of tax money being blown on anything and everything for the past fifty years: Massive debt, municipalities across the country close to bankruptcy, a substantial percentage of the population totally dependent upon government for their basic existence, and a cottage industry of hawkers and enablers who suck the governmnet coffers dry advocating for the societal leeches.

Societal leeches is a very broad category. The guy wearing a suit and tie while advocating the use of tax monies to subsidize a baseball stadium is no better than the woman living on TANF in public housing and spitting out Medicaid recipients. They are both moochers.

Do not forget this basic, common sense rule: When the developers come hat-in-hand to the givernment, you KNOW there is a high degree of risk involved. They want to risk a lot of YOUR money, and a little of theirs. If it was a sure thing, if there were fantastic money to be made, the wouldn't want to share the profits with anyone.


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