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Hold Judgment

It is easy to be swayed by emotions, but the question is: Did the agency follow NC adoption law? Any of us can speculate who scratched out what, or slander this agency by saying they committed fraud and are running a scam. But we don't have all the facts. If they completely followed what the law of this state requires (mind you there has already been one judge to review this case and ruled according to NC adoption law), then there is nothing else to talk about it. If you think the law is unfair, then do something about it. Talk to your lawmakers. One more note, whether or not the birth mother in this case had a responsibility to notify the birth father that she was pregnant can certainly be argued. But please don't pretend that this man had no responsibility. It takes two, and whether the sex they had was with or without birth control, he knew what causes pregnancy and he also had a responsibility to find out if a pregnancy resulted. In some cases, that can be considered abandonment. Judgment of this young man and judgment of this agency from anyone outside of the case is frivolous and unproductive.


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