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Part of a far greater problem

If only your viewers/readers knew the totality of the trickery used by agencies - many of them allegedly "Christian" - to obtain adoptable babies. Some agencies deliberately place required paternity notices in newspapers far from where the father lives, knowing he'll never see it. Others ship expectant mothers to other states so the father's registration with his state's putative registry doesn't get discovered. Others prompt mothers to declare they don't know who their babies' fathers are. Still others orchestrate the timing of the paternity filing process to fall outside of the legal window.

If the mother of Greg Johns' baby had opted to parent her own child, with the help of public assistance, you can bet your bippy Greg would have been dunned for child support for 18 years.. He wouldn't have been able to get out of it. If nothing else, his wages would have been guaransheed. So why is it that he is considered the legal, responsible father when the mother parents, but is considered totally expendable when an agency gets involved in an adoption?

It's important to remember that what pays the bills at an adoption agency is not money coming from the parents of a baby, but from prospective adoptive parents. So who gets the greater consideration?


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