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So what you are saying is

So what you are saying is that everytime a man has sex he has to call months later, and ask if she is pregnant. The birthmother is a liar, and he does not have her medical records!!! HELLO!! I would not follow up with every girl I had sex with, that is just plain nonsense. It is never to late. This is HIS SON, and if never signed over his rights as a parent then under the Law of Humanity and the Constitution, he should have is son. I would think bc you had to adopt and know the pain of not being able to have children your thinking would be more rational. This adoption agency sold you 2 of your 3 children. Maybe they did everything by the books in your case, but dont fool yourself into thinking they are not capble of this. There is proof of fraud. The adoption agency is a business, and their business is selling babies, and business is good. I rather not take your assurance. God Bless <3


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