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ALL men should read this article - this could happen to any man

After reading some of the man-blaming comments in this thread (e.g. "He "GOT her pregnant", as if pregnancy is something that a man does TO a passive helpless woman), it should be clear to most men that they have no rights, only responsibilities after sex, and are entirely at the mercy of the woman, who has all the options.

None of the comments though hint at the motive for the girl hiding the pregnancy and putting up the baby for adoption. Here's one - child support! If she handed over her baby to the obviously willing and able father, she would have been on the hook for 18+ years of support to a man, unthinkable for many women.

So what's a man to do? If he wants to have children, marry someone - at least a husband has a few more rights than an unmarried dad, but not by much.

Otherwise, his options are:

celibacy (the "keep it in your pants" argument, only applied to men for some reason),

condoms (not 100% effective , and don't leave used ones lying around),

vascectomy (pretty much permanent).

Obviously what we need is a safe, effective male Pill. Men should be lobbying for that in droves, and the more women's groups protest and mock them for it, the more obvious it is necessary.


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