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Fact check ...

- Wilmington's top heavy in fast food chains: It's really not. There's a higher percentage of actual restaurants in proportion to fast food places than in many, many other small cities.

- Only 3 Golden Corrals and 3 Waffle Houses in all of Wilmington

- Both chains have been here for years and haven't just "moved in"

- O'Charley's (not O'Charlies) is one of the big boys with 230+ restaurants in 19 states

- O'Charley's is casual dining, not fast food

- Lots of restaurants in this town employ ethnic labor, not just the less expensive ones. Wilmington's pay scale for cooks is one of the lowest around regardless of the restaurant type and many of these workers are willing to do the job. Without them there would be less restaurants.

- Your labor categories: Hispanic, Chinese Alien and "Foreign"? What the heck is that all about?

- Ask $affo and council for a solution: (1) Restaurants come and go all the time. 60% fail within the first 3 years, it's just the nature of the beast (2)$affo and Council don't solve problems. Unless there's something in it for them, they wouldn't be even remotely interested.


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