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Response to the comments

After reading over the comments I feel a need to post my own response. I have worked hard since I was a teenager, and as I as I had gotten sicker, continued to work hard until the day I had not choice but to take a leave of absence for a few months. I'm not someone who does not work and expects a handout. I've worked full time while going to school had been able to keep up with both.
I have been at the job I work for nearly 3 years, but work a non traditional job as a contracter in Customer service, and as such had no recourse such as SSI or unemployment benefits. All I had was the little bit I'd managed to save in the time since I'd moved here to get me by until I could get back to work.
I had not intended anything bad towards the office staff, and in fact had stated in a part of the interview that was cut out that they had always been friendly and kind to me which is what made the apathy of the company so surprising.
Just some things to think about. And if the situation were reversed, which lord knows I would never wish on anyone because it is quite painful, you would get nothing but words of encouragement and support from me.


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