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As a cancer survivor, I know the ordeal this young woman is going through. I have a great job, excellent insurance, and am paid disability throughout my treatment. There are compassionate corporations, who are running wildly successful businesses.

However, disability is 75% of your income for 12 weeks and then it's reduced. Additionally, you must pay your own insurance out if your disability - just like a payroll deduction. Trust me, there's not much left.

I too have been served an eviction notice (along with a whopping $358 fee for being late & for the pleasure of being evicted). I offered my complex a partial payment with the remainder in 2 weeks. Not good enough. In fact when I went down to discuss the situation, the assistant manager glibly said she was sorry for my situation, but policy is policy.

That said, I find it appalling that anyone - corporation or individual - is so callous. The posts on here astound me. Such hatred. Who cares if it was newsworthy. I've sure seen a lot less newsworthy pieces.

More importantly, the people who act like cancer is a picnic in the park have clearly never lost all their hair, eyelashes & eyebrows too, suffered from bone-numbing fatigue, and rolling bouts of nausea, diarrhea, and constipation as a result of chemo.

All the posts labeling this young lady as whiny, etc., are a sad, sad statement about human nature.


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