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Jackals feeding on carrion

I've never been a fan of Berger. Bad personal choices and an inability to controll himself or contribute in the way an elected official is expected to contribute have turned him into a political political pariah. We have every right to critique him on that basis.

Lately, he's been keeping his head down and at least doing his best to avoid additional faux pas. Good for us and better for him. We all know he'll never again be elected to a political position around here. All we have to do is wait him out.

Having said that, it also really needs to be said that those of you who're taking the time to kick a man who's already down are way out of line. Dumping on a man who's losing his house? That has absolutely nothing to do with the man's political persona. It's a cowardly, disgusting thing to do. You're acting like jackals.

The jackal is a night hunter, nocturnal, and quite cowardly. They feast on carrion, which is flesh left over from a dead animal. That's pretty close to where Berger is these days, politically speaking.

Lower yourselves to your lowest level if you choose to. Feel free to give visitors to our area the impression that we're just a bunch of dumb lunkheads. Act like a jackal instead of acting like a human being if that's what floats your boat.

Keep in mind though, if you choose to feast on carrion, you are what you eat.


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