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The Berger File:

This should be deemed the final in all of the events over the past year and a half for this man. I hate to see this happen to anyone, especially someone who almost unknowingly it seems let himself be put into this position. I think if Mr. Berger had concentrated on his own problems, focused on what ever it is or was he did for a living and not been so manipulated by his handlers he may not be in this situation. And I do put a lot of blame on those handlers, advisers and pure manipulators who have taken advantage of someone who had no business running for a seat on the commission but winning and then trying to serve. He was not capable. You people know who you are. As I have stated, now that his capabilities have been exposed and he has been more or less rendered ineffective as a commissioner his so called allies have retreated or moved on to other issues and self serving agendas. I have been one of Brian Berger's harshest critics and will continue to be so. He has no business on the board but his so called friends have been the architect of this man's problems. I hope they sleep well.


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