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""The "parents" that you

""The "parents" that you people are all slamming right now are college grad, well educated, church going, extremely nice and smart people.""

It doesn't matter that the people were any of the things quoted from the previous writer. They obviously lacked one thing that many do these days: COMMON SENSE!

You bring a dog home from a totally different environment, to total strangers, different smells etc etc and expect the dog to be calm, cool, and OK? Really? The dog was nervous and scared, he didn't know what had happened, why had he been taken from his prior home? He was confused and reacted in the only way a dog knows how to do, he bit.

Now it's the dog's fault. No, it was the people's fault for not isolating the dog from the child with a GATE for a couple of weeks till the dog could acclimate to the new surroundings and people.

It is never the animals fault in these tragic situations. I feel for the child who will have scars emotionally and physically for the rest of her life because her parents lacked common sense on how to deal with a new dog in the family.

I hope someone claims that poor dog after the 10 days is up or else it will be put down through no fault of it's own.


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