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new family dog bites child

This is a hugely emotional issue and people need to step back a bit, maybe wait for more *facts* to present themselves. Imo, this is a pretty severe incident. Severe enough I doubt it is a surprise to the last owner of the dog, and therein lies the rub.

Should the parents have allowed unfettered access to their child with a dog they did not know? Obviously not.

BUT! And this is a really big *but* -- this behavior choice didn't come out of nowhere. This, ime, would represent a pretty bold opening gambit. So most likely it is not. The people who brought this dog home had NO idea what this animal was capable of. I suspect the person who gave them this dog DID. A dog who makes this kind of decision

***based on the information we currently possess ***

should not be rehomed.

I have precious little patience for dogs who exhibit this sort of behavior when there are dogs PUT TO SLEEP (aka: euthanized/killed) every day who just ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time. Dogs did NOT usta be wired like this, this "multiple bites to skull and face" on an INFANT.

People are notorious for skimping just a wee bit on the details of exackly why they want to rehome a particular dog. I have one of those *particular* dogs rmyself, but my husband and I are fully prepared to deal with her AND we have no minor children in our home.

This should NOT have happened.


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