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SOMEONE Rescue this Dog!!

This family CLEARLY was not suitable adopting this adult dog. ANY DOG would exhibit this behavior if it was taken out of its home and placed in a new one, especially with a child if it had never been around small children before. I agree with everyone who has said that a new dog needs to be watched very closely and acclimated to a new family, especially children. I adopted an adult dog (3 years old) and had a 3 year old child. In the first 3 weeks we had him, my son went over to him and got close to his face. Children will stare when fascinated, which my son was. Dogs stare when threatened or dominating. My dog snapped at my son, caught him on the head (fortunately not the face), and we ended up with some stitches. Whose fault was it? MINE!! I had been careful about keeping my kids away from the dog while he acclimated and I trained him. But ONE time is enough not being careful, and the unfortunate happened. I corrected him immediately. I worked on getting both my son and the dog used to each other afterward, and carefully teaching my son how to act around a dog. Staring, climbing on a dogs back, or otherwise pinning the dog are acts of dominance, and the dog will work to stop it. Fast forward one year later, I have a dog that looks like he was made for children. My son adores him, and my dogs "rank" as submissive in the house is well established, everyone happy, including the dog. There are no bad dog breeds - dogs are trained to be aggressive by bad owners. Someone get this dog up with a boxer rescue. This is so atypical for a boxer, and this dog deserves a home that knows how to handle him.


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