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Yes… your ignorance

Pit bulls were bred originally to fight dogs. NOT humans. In fact they were very VERY specifically bred to be human friendly to a fault. Otherwise they couldn't be handled when in a fight, and they needed to be handled. There are many forms of aggression, and one does NOT mean they automatically have others. I have a lab who is very prey driven, yet fine with people and dogs. Well… all humans except strange men in our house. I have an American Bulldog who is frequently confused to be a pit bull and who gets along with everyone and everything. He loves dogs, and especially loves children.

All sporting dogs have some degree of aggression, depending on what they were bred for. The reality is that pit bulls, and many common dogs really, are being bred badly and some are born "wired" wrong. This is true of ANY type of dog. Heck, I know of a family that was terrified of a beagle they had adopted and had to make the hard decision to put it down. You shouldn't judge an entire class of dogs based solely on a relatively few incidents. Nor should they be judged on appearances alone. lot of dogs referred to as put bulls aren't even pit bulls in the first place. Pit bulls and similar dogs are probably the single most common type of dog. If they are so inherently vicious, then WHY aren't there FAR more injuries and fatalities than there are now?

You should read up on Lilly, the pit bull that recently suffered a severe injury while dragging her unconscious owner out of the path of a freight train. THAT dog exhibited the intelligence and human devotion that pit bulls were bred for and valued for. Note that she saved her owner, and never bit her, the woman's son, the rescuers, the vet or their staff… no one.


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