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So sad for every person/animal involved

I have been reading these comments and am a little shocked at the number of people slamming the parents for this. Its easy to throw out an opinion via the internet...there is no one to face.

I agree the dog should have been nowhere near the child...and there is a lot of things that should not have happened here, but I am sure the parents are asking themselves all these questions today.

What if I...

It's heartbreaking to think of what they may be going through and the guilt they must feel. I would anyway. Hindsight is almost always 20/20.

There is a lesson to be learned was a very hard lesson for these that I cannot imagine.

Awareness is needed for these types of animals and what to do when faced with a violent dog. They are animals and animals are not predictable no matter how they were raised. I have 2, both sweet as can be but I am not lulled into thinking they are incapable of biting. Pointing fingers right now doesn't help anyone...including the little girl. But getting out the information of what to do when faced with this may help someone else who doesn't know.


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