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Boxers and pits are not the same

Actually, boxers and pits are not closely related at all. Boxers are in the working class group, pits are in the terriers. They don't have many common ancestors in the breeds at all (boxers were actually genetically formed somewhat recently, usually considered in the 30's in Germany). They're mostly a mix of an english bulldog, low to the ground type dog, and molosser/mastiff type breed. And boxers consisentently rank on all top lists for family pets. Obviously, there's a lot we don't know here, but saying boxers and pits are cousins is like saying chinese and canadaians are. (for the record, I have nothing against pits, I'm just a life long boxer owner). And as far as rescue, unfortunately, I don't know if he will be helped or not. There are hundreds of dogs every day put down that have never shown any aggression at all, although I belive that this particular dog was put in a situation where he was set up to fail, it would still be difficult to place because any reputable rescue would have to disclose what happened, and why take the chance when there are so many other animals that need help in rescue? I feel for every one involved, the only good I hope comes out of this is maybe educating someone else. This is the kind of story that will haunt you and stay with you, and that will hopefully lead to a better understanding of introducing dogs and children, especially older dogs.


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