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Boxer Biting 20 Mth. Old.

I work with dogs everyday, and personally I would never again take in an adult dog, especially with a baby in the house. Boxers have a high prey drive, if they are not used to small kids, obviously this type of thing could happen. You just don't know the history on and adult dog you take in. I actually took in an adult boxer when I was younger, it somehow made its way out of the crate, while i was gone and almost killed my other dog. I found him hiding under the box springs of my mattress with teeth marks to the face. Luckily my other dog ended up ok, but use your common sense, if you have kids your better off taking in a pup you can raise up with your kids, from good lines, good temperments, and you better darn well teach your children how to respect animals from day one.


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