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Josh Fulton is just trying

Josh Fulton is just trying to make a name for him because he thinks this is the way to get his foot into the door of the political arena. What he does not realize is there is no and I mean no way that the good old boy system here will ever let that happen. By the way, to the council members and all those that support him you had better make sure he is not falsifying any documents. I know that some of the people who signed his petition had no idea of what they were signing. His group passed it around at the neighborhood meeting at the Pine Valley Elementary School during the meeting on the proposed Housing Authority development. They did not announce who they were, or what their paper was for. Many who were there did not read the top of the paper and assumed they were signing the attendance record for the meeting. Pretty shisty. If he will do this who is to know what else he has done.
As for me, I do not need anyone one, especially a know it all that has not lived life speaking for me. I went to UNCW as well, I was born and raised here and frankly, I am tired of him embarrassing UNCW. Whether I am for it or against it, I can do it myself. I can speak directly to the Council members. I have always done this and I always will so Josh needs to find another political agenda- or better yet, he needs to get a life, get some real experience and truly understand government operations. It is great to run your mouth but until you have been there, you truly cannot know. Besides we all know that those who can do and those who cannot teach. If he wants to make a difference in the community then he needs to really give to this community through community service.


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