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@jrobi - you seem to have

@jrobi - you seem to have that Chuck Kuebler condition - plenty brave and mouthy behind a keyboard, but you people never confront anything in person.

First of all, nobody is forcing anyone to sign our petition - if you are too stupid to read something you are signing your name to, then you have bigger problems than a baseball stadium. And I don't think the school attendance record asks for your birth date and how long you have lived in Wilmington - but I realize that you were making all of that completely up, because you are desperate for Wilmington taxpayers to buy you a stadium, and since you can't argue for it rationally, you resort to making up lies about those with whom you oppose. No one is falsifying anything - and you know it.

It's people like you who are the embarrassment - your idea of being "involved" in local politics in to show up from time to time anonymously on a local news site, and concoct lies about people volunteering a huge amount of their time and energy trying to make Wilmington a better place - even if you disagree with the issue at hand. Do you think that there has been any glory in this at all? There's glory in having to deal with anonymous internet tough guys like you who make stuff up daily to avoid having to actually deal with their position on the issue?


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