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Jrobi, I'm pretty sure you


I'm pretty sure you don't know me, so it's surprising you would cast aspersions on my character. Oh wait a second. No it's not. That's all people like you do. You don't have facts so you resort to ad hominem. Pathetic.

Firstly, I'm not doing this to "get my foot in the political door." If you knew anything about me, knew any of my friends, you'd know it's far from a settled fact that I'll run for City Council again. In fact, if I had to make a bet on it right now, I'd bet against it. I'm doing this because it has to be done. Period. If other people want to step up, go ahead do it. If Ben and I hadn't stepped up, I'm virtually sure this thing wouldn't have gotten done. It needed leaders, and because we had the idea we were the de facto leaders. Trust me, it hasn't been easy on either one of us, but it needed to be done, so we did it. Can you say you've done something like that, whatever side of the political isle you're on?

Secondly, I have no idea what you mean by members of "my group" presented the petition at Pine Valley Elementary School. In case you haven't realized, I don't know everybody who gets signatures. 80% of the city doesn't want their property taxes raised for this. Is that too much for your conspiratorial mind to grasp?

See, jrobi, I'm not sure if this will get through to you, but if not you can give me your real identity and we can talk it out face to face. But I'm not sure you'd like to do that. I think you'd rather hide behind a computer screen. Frankly, that's where I like you too. Cowards like you belong there, throwing rocks, while real leaders are in the real world getting things done. So, you just stay there and we'll have the last laugh when your side is crushed in defeat.


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