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You and Ben should pay some property taxes before forming a mob

You and your buddy Ben are beyond ludicrous. Two guys who stand up and scream about "our taxes" when you don't even contribute to Wilmington's tax base because you don't own homes.

It seems you are capitalizing on the current political discourse and baiting people into signing petitions by using the ever popular "raising taxes" rhetoric before the economic study and final plan has been presented.

What possible benefit do either of you get from this beyond narcissistic attention? Your property taxes wont change because you don't pay any.

Tell you what. When you leave college, spend a decade or so in the adult workforce, pay taxes on a home... get back to me on how you think "our" taxes should be spent.

I, and I hope others will agree, am certainly not going to look to a student and a serial complainer with a blog for leadership on how multimillion dollar city planning should be executed.

You think it's been unpleasant so far? Think what it will be like if half the people in this city despise you because your narcissistic actions cost the city a Minor League ball team and multi-use stadium, all for the taxpayer cost of what will probably amount to a weekly coffee at Port City Java when it's all said and done.

But that's not how it will play out. Your 3,000 signatures represents nothing more than a small slice of the population and will accomplish about as much as either of your City Council campaigns. Some people obsessed with tea party rhetoric will make you feel important, but when it's all said and done the tax payers will be presented with a minor league stadium and team. Taxes will go up a bit, and people will move on with their lives.


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