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It needed to be done-says

It needed to be done-says who? So, you have just insulted the residents of Wilmington by saying they could not have own their own voiced their own opinion and they could not have stood up for themselves without you.
Have I ever done something more courageous than running my mouth? You bet. I am an Army veteran and I have stood so that idiots like you with your pompous attitudes and self-serving BS can say what you say.
Now on to your statement “Secondly, I have no idea what you mean by members of "my group" presented the petition at Pine Valley Elementary School. In case you haven't realized, I don't know everybody who gets signatures. 80% of the city doesn't want their property taxes raised for this. Is that too much for your conspiratorial mind to grasp?” - Ever heard of reliability. A survey, petition, etc. is invalid without it. If you are not verifying the signatures and do not even know who is getting the signatures or how they are obtained then the paper they are on is worthless. 80%- really? What great study did you do for this number? Anyone can spout numbers; all you are doing is playing on people's emotions. Maybe if you come out of the clouds or off the beach and spend some time legitimately doing something you might have some creditability. What solutions are you working on to improve the economic situation of our community? Anyone can shout no at the top of his or her lungs but those who offer solutions are the real change makers.

I noticed you said property owners do not want their not ours. I am a property owner and whatever way I feel I do not need someone who has no experience paying property taxes saying anything on my behalf. Maybe you would understand this if you were a property owner.
Now on to your final statement: “Frankly, that's where I like you too. Cowards like you belong there, throwing rocks, while real leaders are in the real world getting things done. So, you just stay there and we'll have the last laugh when your side is crushed in defeat.” – Name calling, yes please show who you really are! What are you- 2years old? Cowards-really? What courageous thing have you really done? I believe you have committed a deflection, which is often done when someone cannot face the truth. Perhaps your time would be better spent in writing an informative book and you could call it “Josh Fulton, the Fallacy of Myself”. A great leader-really? Leadership is an art and a science. It is an art because it continually evolves, changes form, and requires creativity. It is a science because there are certain essential principles and techniques required. A good leader knows when it is time to change style because they are highly attentive to all of those around them. A great leader is not prideful and seeks neither acclamation nor fame. A great leader takes risks to lead a community to greatness not dissatisfaction and destruction.

As far as my side getting crushed-I never said what side I was on, or can’t you read. In fact, the only thing I said was that I don’t need someone like you speaking for me and then I suggested that instead of complaining about everything that is done you could have some grace and do some real community service.


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