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response to Ben

Oh thank you for trying to use an insult. Those who are immature often revert to name calling and using stereotypes. You are correct. I do not confront anything, or at least not the same way you do. Instead, I prefer to take my time, analyze and offer solutions. Every social change effort grows from a core of one or a few strong pushing to get things done not making noise. Given the fact that you are not offering any plausible solutions so that is adventure is a win-win for everyone and you are bent on being divisive, confrontational and only looking to say no to everything, here are some quotes for you.
"If a problem has no solution, it may not be a problem, but a fact - not to be solved, but to be coped with over time." - Shimon Peres (1923 - ), 9th President of the State of Israel.
“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” ― Leo Tolstoy
Those who "get it" understand how things work and have a strategy to create the results they want. Those who don't are stumbling along looking puzzled, and can be found complaining that they never seem to get a break.-author unknown
Don't play the role of victim, or use past events to build excuses. It guarantees you no progress, no healing, and no victory. You will never fix a problem by blaming someone else. Whether the cards that fall are good or bad, you're in charge of yourself now.-author unknown
The first step to change,... is accepting your reality right now. Honoring a process. Compassionate self-awareness leads to change; harsh criticism only holds the pattern in place, creating a stubborn and defensive being. Be gentle with others as you would with a child. Be gentle but firm. Give everyone the space to grow. However, remember that the timing is not in your hands.-author unknown
The people who are lifting the world onward and upward are those who encourage more than they criticize-Elizabeth Harrison

School attendance record- What are you talking about? I was talking about your petition being passed around a neighborhood meeting on a housing project with no acknowledgement of what it was. By the way, not an appropriate place to do this. Here is an idea, if you want to make change here- work with affordable housing groups or work with council on finding solutions to address this need. Once again, just like your partner you are making assumptions by stating that I am desparate for the city to give money for the stadium. I have never said whether I was for it or against it. I said I was against you and your tactics. Nevertheless, I do realize that in today’s world, public private partnerships are about the only way to get things done and I do know that change happens. I just want those who are speaking to really mean it and have a legitimate reason to speak.
Yes, it is people like me. Real citizens, who live here, work here, raise my family here and will die here. It is people like me who do not think I am entitle to speak if I do not bother to research. It is people like me that everyday make a difference in my community. Why don’t you try being a part of Wilmington before you decide it needs to be made a better place to live? By whose standards? Tell me, when was the last time you helped an elderly person, when was the last time you fed the hungry, when was the last time you loved the unloving? When was the last time you did anything real for someone other than yourself? I am involved in my government process but you know what? I care more about proper governing and my fellow man than I do about politics or being noticed for my name. Why don’t you take this Memorial Day to quit complaining about the way things are run and reflect on all that you have and the sacrifices of all those that came before to make it happen and go out and really make a difference?


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