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But Mikey

how about the rest of the story?

The area redeveloped was run down and filled with closed buildings in need of significant repair and rehabilitation.

The stadium did provide a base upon which PRIVATE investors and real estate owners could work around.

If you were so familiar with Durham, how could this be a surprise. That redevelopment took place over a nearly 10 year time frame.

The area was so run down; buildings were in such need of repair, that property values and tax revenues could do nothing but go up.

I notice too, you failed to address available tax incentives which helped fuel that redevelopment.

And Mikey, how was the new Durham stadium construction funded?

That is not the case in Wilmington. None of the proposed sites are in areas open to significant rehabilitation. Are you trying to say the PPD site is in need of similar rehabilitation?

And I notice, you fail to mention Greensboro or Winston Salem, neither of which have had that same type of re-development.

If you're going to do a comparison, how about making it similar items.

Comparing a watermelon to an apple is hardly a fair or valid comparison.

You're right; ignorance is no excuse. You seem to think Wilmington proerty tax payers are going to fall for your palavering just because it spouts from you.


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