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Don't Take It

As a retired state employee, personally I could not take the "bs" anymore and got out you will never be compensated until you fight for it. SEANC is a joke, what have they got you, but you continue to pay those dues. Until you get rid of the incompetent managers, incompetent Raleigh staff you deserve nothing. These managers and Raleigh staff suck up to legislatures and they get their raises through back door shenanigans while you toil along and get nothing but more work. State government is full of political hacks and incompetent managers at every level. They come up with the most ridiculous policies and rules that do not increase efficiency or morale. Until you do a work stoppage and show your worth the public could care less whether you get a raise or not. They see no improvements, roads in NC suck, the most visible state employees (SHP)harass you on the roads and our education system is poor. Purdue and previous Democratic Governors have through pure dishonesty ruined a once good state. State Managers have through their own greed and incompetence ruined your chances for a decent living and decent benefits. As the old adage goes, you get what you deserve. Not one of you rank and file state employees will stand up for whats right for you. Most of you are spineless, weak and just take it. Have fun with your 250, what a joke, hahaha!


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