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WWAY you have it worng

If they were worried why have they done nothing in the six years management gave them to get in shape? They are off duty 1/2 a year and most have done nothing to help themselves or transfer into another job. The federal government is really the only one hiring people for all fields and they get 10 point preference because they have been deemed "disabled". Instead of taking charge of their own career they have sat back and thought this issue would go away. Now these guards want to portray this as they did not know this regulation was out there and this is somthing new. I beleive your station reported on this same issue several years ago with Officer Mitchel in front of the main gate. This is old news!

What about the five point prefence veteran that is not disabled? If they can't pass the requirement they face the same fate. This is not about disability...this is about ability to do the requiremnets laid out in Army Regulation 190-56. Google it and check it out. This policy is across the board and not about veterans.


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