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You're a shame to your service!

For a disabled vet to make comments against his fellow vets like you just did makes it apparent that you are likely disabled due to the fact that you were too stupid to know when to get behind the wall while under fire.
Just who are you to call other veterans "broken crybabies" OR to evaluate whether they are fit for security duty or not? I seriously doubt that the Sunny Point facility would allow security to be an "unfit crew" or "broken crybabies" as you state. It's the largest munitions depot in the entire United States. You get too close to it on the river and gunboats quickly meet you with men on deck and .50 cals.
I think what you just said is a shame and a dishonor to your service, your fellow soldiers and your country! Maybe you should try overcoming whatever "disability" you claim and attempt to be a functional human being rather that an ongoing coward that disparages those that were fellow soldiers! You are a disgrace!
One more thing there cowboy. An entire platoon of Navy Seals could've been in the World Trade Center when 911 happened and it wouldn't have made a damn bit of difference as to the outcome! Think about it!


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