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I am very appalled at these comments made against disabled veterans that have given all, possibly released from the military because of their medical issues, and now face being released from a job that was intended for them, by our U.S. Congress. I use to work as a Military Ocean Terminal, Sunny Point(MOTSU)Security Guard. I was so thrilled just to get a federal job- just to get my foot in the door, because at MOTSU, applying and getting that security job is a doorway into other federal positions. Getting out the military with a disability ruins you chance to become that FBI, Customs, DEA, etc..agent you wanted to be. Look we didn't ask for this disability, we were hurt and I believe that the government promised that we would be taken care of. I don't want a hand out, I want a job. Being disabled, to have the schedule flexiablity to go to your VA appointments is what we are all looking for.
Now, as some one commented earlier, our fire department, as far as I know, doesn't have to take any PAT. In fact most are in the shape of round. A majority spend their time in Boiling Spring Lakes wasting yours and mine tax dollars on fuel. I have yet to see them train as the Wilmington Fire Department. As for the one talking about the Carter Fire, you might want to take a look at that video again. Those were MOTSU Security first on the scene and trying to fight that fire. That's right Vietnam and Gulf War disabled veterans.
Another thing about the Vietnam Verterans, most of them are long gone, but while they were here, they were harassed by management. Management informed these vets that they wanted a younger, slimmer, and faster security force; in other words, they wanted fresh youngsters with no military experience, just learning how to handle a weapon on the security force. Now, I don't know about you, but I would rather have a hard charging vet to watch my back.
My fellow tax payers, MOTSU has been wasting away our money since 9/11. They have hired MOTSU Police, who makes more money than the MOTSU Security, MOTSU has built buildings that no one can even use, since you have to climb about 50ft with no working toilets and get this, they are built on sand- and you know what happens when you build on sand; or maybe when you have to climb back down from 50ft to use the restroom? Ah, maybe that is why security has to take the PAT? Also, my fellow tax payer, how about you wanting a federal job? Well, guess what, MOTSU doesn't even hire with in Brunswick, Pender, New getting the idea? Friends and family only get you in the door. Maybe another reason that the U.S. Congress mandated security guards have to get out? Lets see,some more of our money has been wasted on boat docks...about 3 of them built and all were destroyed by wind/water- not hurricane strength at that. Oh, should I mention also, the minorities, the few we do have, only have manual labor jobs at the most. This federal installation has a GS14(makes over 6 figures), who by the way is probably a disabled vet and all he does is order furniture! Oh, I want to mention the provost marshall, who is in a very good round shape...will he take that PAT as his men he is in charge of?
Tax payer, if you only knew what is happening under your eyes, you would call your congressman, senator, or the president, because fraud, waste, and abuse (of power) is evident here at MOTSU.
Remember that female Brunswick County Sheriff deputy that was shot in her female regions- that was done by the faster, slimmer, and younger MOSTU Police- who by the way do the same EXACT job that security does. Talking about a waste of money...police cannot arrest nor give any tickets. A majority get the training at Glynco, Ga and leave for greener pastures. Wake up...the munitions that come here are palletized, our installation is almost exactly like the port in Wilmington. What will the security guards be running for. If a person can steal a palletized load, container handler, ship and not be seen, heck, they can have it. Our installation is too large and spaced out for running after some "threat". 9/11 happened because America has become too complacent not because our veterans cannot run. We need your help to keep our jobs, GET UP AND HELP US FIGHT!


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