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Allow me to Retort

Help a Vet keep a job,

(You picked the screen name, not me.) Where should we start? I guess the beginning of your post where you say, “I use to work as a Military Ocean Terminal, Sunny Point (MOTSU) Security Guard.” is as good a place as any. So by reading the rest of your post, and your post under the same screen name on the article about the Commander’s comments, you still work at MOTSU. So is it that you transferred to another division on base, or you are using the anonymity of the internet to hide the truth? You may want to go ahead and get out your friend Mr. Webster, or open Google in another window, I plan on using some big words that you may not understand. It is painfully apparent to me and the rest of the world that not only are your facts lacking; but your grasp on the use of the English language is deficient as well.
You are correct; the MOTSU Fire Department (FD) does not have to take a PAT. That sir, is where your factual post ends. It is unfortunate because that was the first sentence of your second paragraph. I am not sure if you are trying drag the FD into your quagmire of despair, or just generally unhappy with your life. Either way, you decided to make that ill-fated leap, so sit back and expand your lexicon.
“In fact most are in the shape of round.” Yes, those are quotation marks, that’s what we do when we repost something from your original post. You appear to be referring to the fitness level of the personnel in the FD. I would like to personally invite you over so you can assess my fitness level at the FD. Wait, that would ruin your internet anonymity, and it is much easier to hide behind a made up screen name and cast disparaging remarks. The offer stands, I will personally run the proposed PAT and you can decide for yourself if I am in shape or not. When we complete that, I will be happy to perform any of the other duties associated with your “former” employment as a MOTSU Guard.
“A majority spend their time in Boiling Spring Lakes wasting yours and mine tax dollars on fuel.” Yet another excellent display of your grasp, or lack there- of, the English language. At this point I feel it necessary to ask if you are disabled due to a traumatic brain injury. If this is the case, then I shall digress, it would be wrong of me to keep making such comments about your lack of factual information. The units you see wasting tax dollars in BSL are providing a service (Fire, EMS, & Rescue) to the citizens that pay those tax dollars. The next time you see us out with a patient stop by and ask them if they think we are wasting their tax dollars.
“I have yet to see them train as the Wilmington Fire Department.” I hope if you are still employed as a Guard that you are on nights. If not, you really need to consider a different line of work. If you are that oblivious to your surroundings, and have that little situational awareness MOTSU doesn’t need you. You would not be privy to all the training the FD conducts, nor do you need to be. I will however ask you this: Who provides your HAZ-MAT, Water Safety and Survival, CPR, EVOC, and ICS training? Oh wait, that would be the Fire Department.
You have already been called a liar on your comments about the Carter fire. I will second that notion. Perhaps now we come to the root of the issues which you seem to have. You wanted to be a part of the FD, but couldn’t make it for whatever reason. Or perhaps you just like stirring things up. Either way, you pick a bad topic far and away from the issue at hand. The remainder of your post seems to be filled with OPSEC potentially sensitive and other erroneous information. The female that was shot in the crotch, worked for Leland PD, not Brunswick County SO.
For the record, I am a Veteran myself, not disabled, but a Vet no less. It is hard to garner support from others when you make false accusations and spread fecal matter disguised as post about the internet. I certainly hope that your “former” (or current as I believe the case may be), coworkers don’t share your opinions.


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