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Battle Tested Real Fireman

Again man, quit convoluting the thread. 1 ship fire hardly qualifies any fire department as battle tested. Do you even know where the battle for firefighters is? It is when you wake up at 4:30 in the morning to begin your tour. It is when you tell the kids and wife good bye and head into quarters for roll call. It is when your partner sets his turnouts in his spot for the job he has to do that day, you know, irons, outside vent, can man.

It is the same for your police and security forces. When they get up, make the ride in for roll call and make sure their gear is squared away.

I think some of the problem is those jobs that the "vets" are laying claim to are jobs that were created in an attempt to increase awareness for the public to be sensitive to their needs. They are not jobs that for people who think because they served, they are owed something. They have my gratitude for protecting our freedoms, theirs included. Not making light of the situtatiuon but our armed forces are all voluntary. The vets who are working those jobs ought to be professional enough and man enough to know whether they help the mission or are a detriment to it.

Oh yeah, those certifications that most of the MOTSU firefighters have are the same certifications that are issued through the International Fire Service Accreditation Congress, which includes Pro Board and Department of Defense training programs. So, while well earned, they are not exclusive. Just so we are all clear, ALL the firefighters going to work for MOTSU fire department all have certifications prior to setting foot on the base with the exception of maybe crash rescue or technician training for haz mat. Considering what the MOTSU fire deparment is protecting, by God, I hope they are educated, competent, and physically able to do the job.

From what I understand, MOTSU firemen are GS-6 paygrades through GS-12, which is a pretty penny. But when you work twice as much per month, I would expect to make twice the money.

I have seen your kind come and go so many times it is not even funny. I bet you are the kind of guy who goes and buys a leather helmet to infer you are living the essence of brotherhood, but are irresponsible enough to wear your leather into a training burn to darken it up to give the impression you are a battle harden vet or always drops his gloves so he doesn't have to be the first guy through the door. Yard breathers like you always get figured out. Mutts like you have no idea the gift you have been given to work the greatest job in the world and get paid for it where most people do it for free. If you are a commanding officer of a company or battalion, Heaven help your men and women.


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