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How did the Fire Dept get brought into this

I am not sure how the Fire Department got brought into this. The FD is impartial to what is happening. Sunny Point Fire Department is a professional dept, as is all sections of Sunny Point and many other entities around the world. Your Sunny Point FD has the following requirements, that are NC State (IFSAC), IFSAC, or PROBOARD certifications requiring several hours a year of continuing education.

Fire Fighter 1, &2, Driver Operator Pumps, Emergency Medical Technician Basic, Hazardous Materials Awareness, Hazardous Materials Operations. All of these certification are for the most part a Dept. of Defense requirement (Some bases have more or less requirements). If new personnel do not have Hazardous Materials Technician, Hazardous Materials Incident Commander, and Shipboard Fire Fighting for land based Fire Fighters they are provided that training.

Most of the Fire Fighters have the following certifications. Fire Inspector 1,&2, Telecommunicator 1, &2, Fire Instructor 1, &2, Fire Officer 1, &2, Emergency Vehicle Driver, HazCat, HazCat WMD, various Hazardous Materials Equipment, & Detector training, Driver Operator Aerials, Driver Operator Mobile Water Supply, Public Safety Diver, Dive Master, Dive Instructor, Fire Dept Safety Officer, CAMEO, ALOHA, Technical Rescuer, Technical Rescuer Instructor, EMS Instructor,and several other certifications that I am sure that I have not included. All of these certifications have Continuing Education requirements that are maintained by each member.

Many of the Fire Fighters on base have served in the Military. Alot, if not all of the Fire Fighters have off base Fire Fighting Experience Payed/ Volunteer (Just because they are a Volunteer does not mean less training, Just less pay). There are alot of Fire Fighters that bring experience from many different aspects of Emergency Services.

There are several Fire Fighters that have Advanced Life Support (ALS) Certifications. ALS certifications require even more Continuing Education. SPFD has also became a Certification Entity for the state providing several certifications for Fire, Rescue, and EMS, providers in the local area, state, and federal entities, including SP Guards, and LEO.

SPFD also provides Mutual Aid to the surrounding area providing services such as EMS, Fire, Rescue, Hazardous Materials, and Dive/ Recovery. This is the reason why SPFD goes out into the surrounding Communities.

As I have said that SPFD has no opinion on what is happening on what is happening to the Security/LEO staff, However it is unfortunate that there is a chance that Disabled Veterans might or will lose their jobs.


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