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Get Real People

Those Vets that are there have been guarding the base for 50+ years are doing a good job. Those YOUNG and DUMB guards they want to hire will be the First dumb a**s ones to run right to the gun fire and then the will say it the do it right in there pants then shot them self and those around them. The veterans on the other hand will stop think then act according. There is a grandfather clause thing out there I am sure I heard of it haven't you?. The union and those who USE to be in change of the union get your head out of other people butts you cant say thing the go back on your word then your word don't mean SH**t. Stand up if you can if you are going to support your fellow vet the support them if not shut up and sit like a good boy. The only one who need a PAT is the police (joke), EMS ( joke) and Fire since there are not many fires there and all Fire Dept. does is eat then they need a test. I have alway been told there are people you don't mess with is 1. A Veteran 2. A Disable Veteran. The veterans should call the DAV and any other person the can. There are 40 +/- if all fail who will guard the base? the could't replace them fast enough and the there will be hell on the base.


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