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Give us all a Break!

Wow!, where do I start.
It's not the Guards fault, it's not the Cops fault, and it's certainly not the Firefighter's fault; that this is happening.
Despite how you feel about the Guards, they have been protecting this installation since 1955; without the need to pass or fail a Physical Ability Test. Despite this fact, the Army has decided to adopt a Regulation (AR 190-56), that was never meant to be implemented on Civilian Personnel, that now puts their years of dedicated, professional service in question.
The Guards are all US Military Veterans. Since 1955 it is a pre-requisite to be a Vet in order to work as a Guard. The Civilian Federal workforce was created shortly after WWII to take care of military servicemen returning from combat, in an effort to help personnel rotate back into civilian life. Such personnel are protected under US Code Title 5 and the Office of Personnel Management.
Please understand that these USC Statues are federal law, and they supersede any Regulation, Directive, or Memorandums. Title 5, 3312 states that "agencies must waive medical or physical requirements when there is sufficient evidence that the employee can perform the essential functions of their jobs".
"They have been doing their jobs for over 50 years without incident".
The Department of Army is trying to circumvent Federal Law to further it's own agenda. They cannot arbitrarily change an employees conditions of employment to suit its own needs without some much as a say so from the governing body that protects those individual rights.
What the Army is doing is wrong and illegal; and if they get away with this, then where will it end. Today it's the guards, tomorrow it could be the Police or the Firefighter's or Surveillance personnel, etc. Those of you who are Vets and have spent time on this blog bashing other Vets; Stop it! They're your brothers, for pete's sake!


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