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Ane the beat goes on

First things first the base commander, the supervisor who went to a famous military school who must have finished last in the graduation class and past commanders ALL should be fired because the couldn't supervise a 1 women hooker in a whore house. They have been covering up stuff now all their stuff is coming back to bite them in the A**. Scott AFB need to do a FULL investigation on what going on there. Anyone who read this if you know anyone at Scott AFB let them know 1. Old guard fell asleep photos taken got some days off a few I am sure then able to get new job that almost doubles his pay the becomes union president then left the position the supposed to cash a check and the union wants the money back to me that sound like stealing to me . 2. Famous military grad tell a women to let it go when a racial comment was made to her I bet that COST Them $. 3. Others get waiver to get a security clearance ever though they used the Govt credit card for personal reason and not on orders and they get there car reposed may be they should have played Repo Games and they might have keep their car. According to Govt policy they HAVE to pay their bills or get a write up nothing happened, just using to Govt card they should have need fired. 4. People hire their friends that they knew from another place maybe they got drunk with them and crawl on the floor and they blackmailed them for the job that seems the norm their. The good old boy stuff has to stop there, look at Bruswick County Sheriff Dept. famous Ron Hewett he got caught and fired and went to prison now it need to be done at Sunny Point. Now about the PAT, the only ones that need to take this useless PAT is the useless as t*ts on a bore hog police who want to arrest someone because they can't be a real cop anywhere else. The security guards especially the dis able vets should do a modified PAT test. All the Disable Vets need to talk to their State Representive and Lolcal DAV rep.


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