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I would like to add to that list:

- Provide crosswalks at all dangerous intersections OUTSIDE of the downtown area.
- add bike paths on all major roads through town (a small lane at the side for bikes).
- work out a deal for a tax break to home owners who contribute a small strip of land at the street level to finish off these patchwork sidewalks through town and add sidewalks where they don't exist.
- Consider the needs of pedestrians and cyclists in ALL NEW DOT road projects in town. The work currently being done at Wrightsville and Dawson makes an already treacherous intersection for pedestrians and cyclists even worse by increasing through traffic convenience for cars only.

This myopic view on urban planning for Wilmington is utterly devoid of understanding how the citizens of a modern society want to live their lives, and it is critical that we get some leaders into place NOW that DO. Does anyone but the city council and their friends want to live in California-like car hell, with no other way to get around then to hop in ones SUV to get to the corner grocery? Do these people that want a baseball stadium ever walk or cycle around this town? I seriously doubt it. Traffic death rates of pedestrians and cyclists in this town are some of the highest anywhere - if not THE highest. This is the worst urban infrastructure I've ever seen for a city this size.

Why are we even discussing a BASEBALL STADIUM with this appalling emergency state-of-affairs grinding on year after year? Who do these city leaders represent? I know I didn't vote for ANY of this...


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