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It's gonna happen...

As long as 14% of the city residents vote, and the same 8% put the mayor in office year after year, it's gonna happen.

As long as his political opposition refuses to run viable candidates, banking on the silly notion that inexperience translates to victory, it's gonna happen.

The city is already installing utilities in Monkey Junction, and the WPD is already patrolling it. Does anyone think they are just going to give up?

So the law says no annexation without a vote. So the city will spend millions on a slick campaign that will convince everyone this is a good idea, and 14% of the MJ residents will vote, and 8% will approve it. Today's vocal opponents will become tomorrow's obedient taxpayers.

I sincerely hope to be proven wrong, but this whole thing smells like the convention center... a done deal since its inception.

“I just feel like people don’t care anymore,” said Paul Knight after the 2010 mayor race. “Whatever’s given to them, they just take it and go with the flow.”


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