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Since I keep hearing the same thing over and over and over...

Taxes go up...Firemen and Policemen get raises...

Poor infratstructure...blah blah blah...

Instead of who is paying taxes, why not take a look and see who is not paying taxes.

Progress Energy

Some of our largest employers in the region. Get a free ride for bringing jobs to the region? None of their money is going into my pocket, so it is time to ante up boys. Time for everyone to pay their due.

Oh that's right. They don't pay taxes because they bring those lavish jobs to the region with tax incentives, sacrificing the raises for firefighters and police officers, sacrificing uninterupted infrastructure, increasing the value of your homes thus we all can work 3 day work weeks, collect cigarette butts out on Wrightsville Beach in our off time or heaven forbid, attend a function at the Convention Center.

Don't want to pay the piper, then paying the trolls to get in and out of the city seems not only logical, but more reasonable than forced annexation. Don't piss up my back and tell me it is not raining.


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