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Such a political answer!!!!

Such a political answer!!!! What he is really saying is "bye bye" to the guards that have been keeping the terminal safe and secure (some for 15-20 years) without being required to take the PAT!!!! This is really what the issue is. Those that were hired way before 2009 (which is actually when the regulation was signed/printed) or even 2006 (which is being report), they were not required to take a PAT as a condition of their employment. The Department of the Army hasn't required them to take one for the duration of their employment, some are not medically cleared to take the PAT, which doesn't mean they can't accomplished the essential functions of the job, because they have been doing them since they were hired, with those disabilities mind you, 15-20 years ago. Our Veterans that served don't feel the military "OWES" them anything but to be treated fair. And making someone choose to take a job in California (for example) or lose the one they have is NOT RIGHT. Most of these Veterans are retired and have made there lives here in North Carolina. I know people are going to comment negatively, however I ask that if you don't know what you are talking about...SHUT UP!!!


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