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Help A Vet

Wow, congrats on this buttery and flavorful BS. Safety and security- you have ignored the calls of the employees and have kept your ear to those GS12-14 who want nothing more than to get rid of the hardworking disable vets that just want jobs. You have ignored the fact that this base is not ready for any threat that may come our way. An SRT team that treats a female Brunswick County Deputy like crap by shooting a paint gun at her private parts. Wasting money on equipment that DO NOT WORK and projects that don't even help with the integrity of the installation. Tax payer, we have wharves that have been washed out underneath from rain water, roads that have been washed out, too. Majority of the workforce, underpaid and overworked. We have the most prejudice base I have ever worked on. No one of any color has ever held a high paying position at MOTSU.Colonel, you have been hoodwinked. Stop listening to the West Point grads who couldn't make it in the REAL Army and start listening to the people that do the WORK around here. All the West Pointers want to do is play ARMY with the men/women here at MOTSU. Slash their salaries and I believe you can get the roads, wharves, barriers, work stations, better equipment, etc that we need to do our JOBS!! Colonel soon you will be retired or God forbids have a disability, would you want to be denied having a job to provide for your family?


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